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This self-study online SAT course can help you master the SAT in as little as four weeks.

Take an ACT Practice Test

Take a SAT Practice Test

Introduction to the Course

Introduction to Math

Awkward Algebra

English Into Math

Mid Math Break


Coordinate Geometry

Systems of Equations


Re-take the Math Sections of SAT Practice Test A- ICEF

Take ACT Practice Test B – Math Section

Math Wrap Up

Introduction to the ICEF Language/ Writing Section


Other Grammer

Logical Writing

SAT Practice Test B –  Language/ Writing Section 

Language and Writing Wrap Up

Introduction to Reading Comprehension

Science and Social Science Passages

Literary Passages

Question  Types

Re-Take SAT Practice Test A – Reading Comp Section 

Review SAT Practice Test A – Reading Comp Section

Take SAT Practice Test B – Reading Comp

Take a Final SAT and ACT

Wrap Up

Putting It All Together – More Practice Tests