Hi, I'm Bruce!

If expert test prep from an Ivy League, UCLA instructor that comes with a money back guarantee is your thing… Well, we have just the course for you!

I founded First Choice Admissions and have been teaching the SAT and ACT for over a decade. I developed these courses at UCLA and taught them for years so I know they really work!

In fact, University of California is currently offering this SAT course to its students.

These courses are very different from other test prep classes. Not only are they effective, they’re actually FUN!

Don’t believe me? Check this out!

Let me introduce you to our “secret weapon’’ ...

Hi bubble

Helping you along with the class is Milo. (Yes, he’s a dog – but don’t mention it, he’s sensitive).

He also scored perfectly on the ACT and SAT. So if you’re comfortable having a dog teach you English and math, you’ll do great in this course!

How Much Will My Score Go Up?

This course has a track record of helping students raise their scores by 100, 150, 200 points or more – So we’re sure it can help you too. 

Everyone is different so results vary.  But one thing’s for sure.  The more you practice the better you’ll get and the better chance you’ll hit your goal on the test!  

This is how the course worked for other students ...

I am happy to say that I scored a 700 on the English portion of the SAT! That, combined with a 790 on the math section, gave me a 1490. Because of that improvement, I got into USC! Thank you so much!
– Henry F.
My daughter’s score went up over 160 points to a 1310 and she was able to apply to schools I never thought she would haven’t gotten into. Thanks so much to First Choice Admissions!
– Olivia D.
I got my score back and I went over a 1500 and scored perfectly on the math section! I couldn’t have done it without you!
– Brennen C.
First Choice was awesome. They taught math really clearly and helped me build my confidence. My math score on the SAT went from a 570 to a 690!
– Christine S.
My daughter has been struggling with test-taking for year. Last winter she participated in a six-week course given by a well-known company. The results? Her score actually went down. My daughter worked with First Choice Admissions for four weeks ... re-took the test and scored considerably higher in almost every category. I would highly recommend to all.
– Lisa W.
I raised my score to a 1480 and I’m up over 200 points! Thank you! Your course has been a huge help. I couldn’t have gotten there without you.
– John D.

How Much Does It Cost?

We’re having a “(Probably) Going Back to School’’ Sale!
You get access to the course and all of the materials for 6 months for just $199.
That’s $100 off the regular price!